About us

Ella (right) : Ella is a creative person who enjoys all forms of expression including dance, literature and painting but to name a few. She currently works in a local special needs school and is passionate about working alongside young people. Ella has felt strongly from a young age about looking after our environment and is now committed to actively making a change, for herself, her family, her community and her planet. Ella is the captain of our ship, keeping us on course at all times.


George (left) : George is as enthusiastic about environmental and social issues as Ella and keen to bring a positive change to our local community. They have had a successful teaching career and are now broadening their experiences and focusing energy on developing Bare Supplies. George’s other interests include crafting and ‘doing’ in any way possible, from glass cutting to pyrography and everything in between.


Alexa (Centre) : Definitely the loudest and most outspoken member of the team Alexa is a keen advocate of the environment. She joins Ella and George on regular beach combs, taking an interest in all of our finds. Alexa enjoys the freedom of the great outdoors and is starting to understand the need to look after it and choices she can make with regards to this. Alexa’s other interests involve making, baking and climbing on George at every opportunity