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We have piloted our zero waste hopes and dreams with the local population. The people of Bexhill, St Leonards and Hastings welcomed us with open arms, well mostly! Our stall has proved an excellent platform when gauging what you guys want and if you’re ready to embrace the zero waste lifestyle, or perhaps give your current efforts a bit of a boost.

It was incredibly encouraging to find so many of you felt the same as us! Fed up of everything being smothered in plastic and being offered little or no choice about it. Well we are here, local people, for our local community, to offer you a local choice!

We have used our stall as a vehicle to spread our message, through offering our zero waste alternatives such as bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars, with the ambition for the future of being able to offer unpackaged food supplies.

We started off in Bexhill at the Shining lights Christmas event. Despite our positioning not being the best, on the edge of the market and it being a very brisk dark evening, you still came! You came, you bought, you chatted and you inspired us. Many of you stocked up on a Joco Cup for loved ones at Christmas, bamboo toothbrushes were also a massive hit. The shampoo bar was so popular we ordered a further two variations for our next stall.

Our stall all set up at the Shinning Lights event

From there we headed up the coast to Hastings Old Town, where we were hosted by the wonderful Lisa at The Clockwork Crow. For any of you that haven’t been, you must! The Crow is full to the brim with weird and wonderful eclectic home-wares, from embroidered Hungarian linen to brightly coloured chapati rollers! We participated in the Cave market, situated at the rear of the shop. The quirky space really worked for us, and you! We again had an incredibly successful day – most importantly engaging with you, hearing your zero waste wants and needs and absorbing them.

We are also loving networking with local people and business’, it was at the cave market where we met the lovely Deborah Latter and bought a piece of artwork by her daughter @watercolourquotes_ , who has used art as a form of therapy whilst going through difficult times. The larger than life Amanda Mackay from Stargazy also made our day, in between selling her stunning handmade jewels and playing DJ!


This lead us to our most recent event, our pop up shop over 2 days in the vibrant SAMLI. A newly established coffee and cuts venue in St Leonards. Once again the conversations with the local people filled us with joy, busy people stopped in and engaged with us, for which we are truly grateful, (rest assured we definitely did a little jig after each of you left). Our coffee samples were an absolute winner, loads of people loving the try before you buy.

After spending this time amongst the community we are invigorated to continue our journey and help support you with yours. In the words of the wise one, Sir David Attenborough “Real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.”

Please continue to follow our journey and share it with us. Be part of the change.

You have a choice.


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