Only Smarties have the answer

We seem to have established a love / hate relationship with beach waste.

Obviously we wholeheartedly hate the massive and many negative effects of all types or water pollution. But when we have our beach combing ‘hats’ on, rather than our ‘environmentalist’ / decent human being one, we actually love some of the junk we find too.


As a family we have turned beachcombing into a fun activity, something we look forward to doing, together. There is a thrill that goes with not knowing what strange and obscure items we may find today. Not only are we doing a good deed but we are surrounded by such beautiful and diverse beaches throughout our East Sussex coastline. The fresh, often brisk sea air has magical effects upon the soul and often the only tool for waring out small people, full of energy and intrigue.


One thing that we do love to find are Smarties lids.

We are nerds. We’re not ashamed to say it! We actually research our Smarties lids. Interestingly, from the features of a tiny Smarties lid you can with some minimal effort pinpoint the era it was produced and even where it may have come from.

In recent months we have found 2 lids.

‘m’ lid : Definitely produced before 90’s due to the take over of smarties, from Rowntrees to Nestle. Due to the ‘m’ being lower case, the font used and the shape and positioning of the tab we believe this lid was from between 1960 and 1980. Which means it’s been on the beach or floating around in the sea for at least 30 years possibly up to 60 years!

‘E’ lid : We have been unable to date, due to the fact that on the ‘upside’ of the lid there is no branding – This suggests it’s not from the UK, but elsewhere in Europe. Another distinguishing feature is that the ‘E’ is not in-line with the tab. Well traveled! …..guess only Smarties have the answer on that one.

On reflecting about why we find something so trivial so interesting I think perhaps the correlation between the effects of marketing and packaging upon society are an interesting topic and directly relate to the zero waste movement. We’ll save that for another day.

Finally we feel it is needless to say we fully understand that water pollution is no matter to be taken lightly with studies showing that1 in 3 people on the planet don’t have a decent toilet. 1 in 9 don’t have clean water close to home ( We currently support an international water treatment programme through sourcing our products through eco-conscious suppliers such as Hydrophil and hopefully more soon.

Our mission to reduce the plastic consumption of our local towns is true and real. We hope you will support us in our endeavours.

Warmest of regards



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